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Braza Nipple Covers Petal Tops Stick On Adhesive 5 Pair Pack Item No. 1140

Braza 1140

Braza Nipple Covers Stick On Adhesive Petal Tops. Perfect for halters,tanks,tube tops,even bridal gowns and more!Braza's nipple covers mold to breast shape and feature non-sensitizing adhesive with a soft absorbent center.Petal tops are waterproof so you can wear them with all your swim,aerobic,and sports gear. Most disposable nipple covers on the market are made of a rigid or non-woven material that does not stretch to bust shape and do not meet standards for safety, comfort and reliability. Braza nipple covers are made from a knitted material that stretches and conforms to the breast shape so there are no wrinkles or tell tale edges to show through clothing. 5 Pairs Per Package.

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