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Waist Cincher Reviews : Comparing Squeem, Venus & Rago Waist Cinchers

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I recently received three waist cinchers to review for LingerieNYC.com ; A Firm Control Waist Cincher by Squeem ($54.90), Waist Cincher by Rago ($35.10) and A Waist Cincher With Firm Control made by Venus ($19.50). 

I was familiar with the Squeem as I have owned one in the past, purchased in 2008 and it lasted a good number of years after being worn occasionally. I tried on the Squeem first. I ordered the same size as my last Squeem; yet this one felt bigger. In my past experience with this cincher, I found it reliable and comfortable for a number of hours use. The material is similar to that of a wet suit; rubbery, but soft. I love the option of having a second row of hooks in the back to offer the option of a tight or even tighter fit. As you can see, there are some 'ripples' at the back of the waist. These don't show (or at least I don't think they show!) with clothing on. I generally don't wear very tight fitting clothing, but dresses are fitted and a stretch fabric could possibly show these ripples.

Right away, I had a feeling the Waist Cincher by Venus would be too short; I have a long torso and struggle to fit into one-piece swimsuits. The Venus was the most affordable of all three waist cinchers, but I also felt that showed in the quality of the material and construction. As expected, you can see this waist cincher is not for those for long torsos. I would suggest trying this of you are of shorter stature; it was comfortable, didn't ripple, and held my tummy in well.

The next cincher I tried on is made by Rago. I LOVED this cincher; the material feels high quality, it's made in the USA, and the "inner contour bands" restrict the stretchiness around the waist to really give a well-defined, hourglass waistline. The cincher came down lower on my hips than either of the two other cinchers, which covered the underwear waistband and hid the depression that my panty waistband creates. The photo of the waist cincher provided by the manufacturer doesn't do this justice; it really is a beautiful piece.

Since I had to chose had to make a decision between all three cinchers and chose just one, (Full disclosure: I was able to keep one as payment for this blog), I decided to keep the Rago.  The Venus was too short for my long torso;  the Squeem waist cincher made my tummy flatter, but I knew the ripples might cause an issue while wearing tighter clothing. A smaller size might have solved this; other internet reviews tend to suggest Squeem runs a bit big.

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