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​Bustiers, Corsets & Girdles


Corsets and bustiers are sometimes used interchangeably, but are in fact quite different. Girdles are regaining popularity after recent celeb endorsements from the likes of Jessica Alba and Kourtney Kardashian. Understanding which is right for you requires knowing exactly what girdles, bustiers and corsets are.


A corset is a shaper designed to cinch the waist and can also provide support for your bust without the need for a bra. Corsets generally do not extend below the hips, instead sitting on the hips. Corsets generally lace up the back, have plastic or steel 'boning' for support, and a 'busk', or closure bar, in front. Tight corsets, when worn regularly, can actually reduce the size of a woman's waist.


A Bustier looks much like a corset, but is a little more forgiving on the figure. Bustiers may or may not lace up, generally offer a bit more breathing room, and can also feature plastic or steel boning. Many women chose a bustier to wear as sexy lingerie, or for it's bust enhancing and waist slimming characteristics. [ Shop Corsets & Bustiers » ]


Open Bottom Girdle

A 'girdle' is a shaper that fits over your lower torso and extends over, and sometimes past, your hips. Girdles can have legs and a crotch, or have an 'open bottom', like a skirt. Girdles do not offer support for the upper torso, and can be worn with a separate bra.

Girdles fell out of fashion in the 60's, but are once again increasing in popularity for postpartum moms, and for both men and women who have just had liposuction.

While there isn't much hard and fast proof that a girdle will give any real advantage over diet and exercise alone for getting back into shape after pregnancy, doctors do recommend girdles for post-liposuction recovery. A girdle can reduce swelling and pain and can also offer skin and muscle support.

Girdles aren't limited to post-pregnancy and liposuction recovery use - girdles are also a great way to get tummy control and smooth hips & butt "all in one".  [ Shop Girdles » ]

Don't want bust OR hips covered? Try a waist cincher. Waist cinchers don't cover the bust or hips, so are great for managing a 'muffin top' in slinky and tight fitting clothing that might otherwise reveal your corset or girdle. Waist cinchers are stretchy belts covering the tummy area and don't extend below the hips or up over the bust - they don't have boning and aren't 'extra firm'.

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